Brendan Burns (b.1963)

Bloom, 2017 Oil and wax on linen 160 x 300 cm

"Bloom is influenced by the Japanese art of ‘Ikebana’, an art of flower arranging and ‘refinement’ The Cherry Blossom in this painting is conscious of ‘The space between’, the absent and withheld. The painting ‘Bloom’ is rhythmical and meditative simultaneously."

Brendan Burns, 2020

Blink, 2019 Oil and wax on linen 140 x 210 cm

"‘Blink’ is a painting which tries to deal with movement and the ‘squint’ of the eye. Walking alongside waterlily ponds in West Wales, this painting presents the ‘out of focus’ nature of leaves close to you, hiding and revealing the reflections in the water and lily pads themselves."

Brendan Burns, 2020

Quench, 2019 Oil and wax on linen 120 x 200 cm

"‘‘Quench’ is inspired by the deep yellow lichen growth on the coastal paths and cliffs. It is a joyous celebratory colour, there is a deep rhythm and sense of movement in the way that lichen grows, clinging to the rocks and surviving in such extreme weather. The analogy and symbolism is also important here, but more so is the deep beauty in something so small presented large."

Brendan Burns, 2020

2019 Gallery Exhibition: Edging West

This Exhibition of paintings introduces a new relationship with the west coast of Iceland, the west coast of Ireland and the west coast of California, three remarkably different experiences. I cannot change who I am as a painter and what it is that centrally draws me to the need and passion to make paintings; but a new palette has emerged alongside a shift in the balance between the abstract and the figurative. If anything, these new paintings enjoy a stronger correspondence with scale, space and the poetic; and therefore, the figurative. CLICK TO READ MORE

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